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Conference presentations 

EGU 2021 vPICO presentation - Tue 27 April 13:39 - 13:41

EGU21-14486 | vPICO presentations | SSP1.2/CL5.1.7/EMRP3.4/NH5.14 

Afar Dallol Drilling – ONset of sedimentary processes in an active rift basin (ADD-ON): Scientific drilling targets in the Afar (Ethiopia) 
Anneleen Foubert, Tesfaye Kidane, Derek Keir, Balemwal Atnafu, and the ICDP ADD-ON Team

Journal Articles

Jaramillo-Vogel, D., Braga, J. C., Negga, H. A., Vennemann, T., De Boever, E., Schaegis, J. C., Rime, V., Atnafu, B., Kidane. T., Foubert, A. (2023). Pleistocene aragonite crust diagenesis mimics microbialite fabrics (Danakil Depression, Ethiopia). Sedimentary Geology, 446, 106341

La Rosa, A., Raggiunti, M., Pagli, C., Keir, D., Wang, H., & Ayele, A. (2023). Extensional earthquakes in the absence of magma in northern Afar: Insights from InSAR. Geophysical Research Letters, 50, e2023GL102826

Hurman, G., Keir, D., Bull, J.M., McNeill, L., Booth, A., Bastow, I.D. (2023). Quantitative Analysis of Faulting in the Danakil Depression Rift of Afar: The Importance of Faulting in the Final Stages of Magma-Rich Rifting. Tectonics, 42, e2022TC007607

Watts, E.J., Gernon, T.M., Taylor, R.N., Keir, D., Pagli, C. (2023). Quantitative Magmatic evolution during proto-oceanic rifting at Alu, Dalafilla and Borale Volcanoes (Afar) determined by trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry
. Lithos, 456-457, 107311

Rime, V., Foubert, A., Ruch, J., Kidane, T. (2023) Tectonostratigraphic evolution and significance of the Afar Depression, Earth-Science Reviews, 104519

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